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We Now Install Ecobee Thermostats with Alexa!

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

The Internet of Things continues to expand, with smart thermostat manufacturer Ecobee announcing that their new models will incorporate Amazon’s voice activated control center Alexa. Ecobee’s new thermostat model will include a microphone that will allow you to control it by speaking, opening up a new range of functions that will make your life that much more convenient. These thermostats will also include room sensors to help control hot and cold spots, as well as full Alexa functionality. It may sound odd to order groceries through your thermostat, but with the Ecobee4 you can do that and many other things!

We’re committed to providing you with the newest and best climate control solutions on the market, which is why we’re proud to offer new Ecobee thermostat installation services. If you want to improve your home with more automation and accurate climate control, we’re here for your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Periodically Upgrade Your Thermostat

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

With the ever-changing weather we’ve been experiencing in Anaheim, CA and with El Niño still threatening rainfall and cold weather next month, you want a HVAC system you can trust. When you use your system, you want it to work effectively and efficiently. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a properly functioning thermostat.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Thermostat?

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Your thermostat is the instrument responsible for turning your air conditioning system on and off. Thermostats can malfunction just as any other part of your AC and for several reasons. It can be challenging to determine what the issue may be with a thermostat, which is why Total Comfort Inc., offers thermostat repair, replacement and installation as part of its overall air conditioning services in Corona. Having problems with your thermostat? Call us today.

Signs of Problems with Your Thermostat

Here are some common signs that something may be wrong with your thermostat:

  • System won’t turn on – if your system won’t turn on, the thermostat is the first place you should check. Sometimes settings are accidentally changed or batteries can die; there could also be a mechanical problem.
  • System won’t turn off – this can be a serious problem as the constant running of your system can burn out the components in your air conditioner. If you experience this issue, call your technician right away.
  • System constantly turns on and off – if your system is constantly clicking on and off versus cycling appropriately, call a technician for assistance as this can lead to premature wear and tear.
  • Room temperature doesn’t match actual temperature – a thermostat that isn’t reading the room temperature correctly can drive up your energy usage.

Types of Thermostats

There are 4 main types of thermostats our Total Comfort Inc., technicians install:

  • Digital – digital thermostats allow you to be very precise with your temperature setting, which can help you with energy efficiency. Additionally, the buttons are intuitive and the face is easy to read.
  • Programmable – programmable thermostats allow you a great deal of control over how much cooling you use. You can program your thermostat to accommodate for different times of day, weekends and vacation times.
  • Wireless – wireless thermostats work by using a main receiver that transmits information to all the wireless thermostats in your home. The receiver replaces your wired thermostat, and connects to your HVAC system just like a standard wired thermostat does. Most wireless thermostats are programmable, and can set programs for up to 7 days.
  • Smart – smart thermostats use Wi-Fi technology to operate, allowing you to access your thermostat from virtually anywhere at anytime – all you need is your smart device and a simple app. Smart thermostats allow you to track and monitor your energy usage, and you can program your thermostat at any time.

A new thermostat can help you achieve better energy efficiency and comfort. If you are seeing the signs that your current thermostat may need replacing, call Total Comfort, Inc., today and schedule an appointment for air conditioning service in Corona.

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