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Prevent Clogs With These Two Plumbing Products

Monday, December 17th, 2018

water-softenerThere’s no stopping the inevitable drain clog, but you can extend that time drastically by treating your pipes well. One way to do that is with a couple of plumbing products that will make it harder for your drains to become clogged.

Those two products are the garbage disposal and the water softener, and they’re available from an expert plumber in Riverside, CA. Keep reading and we’ll explain how they can protect your plumbing.

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Ways to Avoid Garbage Disposal Repair in Riverside

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

The garbage disposal is a wonderful invention. It has made people’s lives easier for decades by aiding in getting rid of some of the more stubborn remnants of food preparation and consumption. Despite its reputation for being an unstoppable appliance, however, the garbage disposal is quite susceptible to breaking down under certain conditions. Let’s examine the things that can lead to garbage disposal repairs, so that you can avoid them.

Putting Oil or Grease in the Disposal

This one is really common. People do a lot of cooking with oil and grease. When doing the dishes, it can be very tempting to simply wash all that oil and grease down the drain with the rest of the food waste. The problem is that oil, grease, and fat congeal over time, forming a gelatinous layer that sticks to surfaces. When you wash any of those materials down the garbage disposal, they can gum up the blades or block up the drain when they solidify. Once that happens, it often takes a professional to clear out the garbage disposal. So, no putting oil, grease, or fat down the drain.

Fibrous Foods

Another kind of material that can break the garbage disposal is fibrous foods like celery and potato peels. When the garbage disposal starts to shred these materials, the fibers can actually twist around the blades and tangle them up. This can cause the garbage disposal to break very easily. Therefore, avoid putting any particularly tough or fibrous materials down the garbage disposal.

Ice or Hot Water

A lot of people put ice or hot water down the garbage disposal, in the belief that they will help clean out any garbage that might be clinging to the walls. This is incorrect. Ice will cause the blades of the disposal to chip and even break, while hot water will cause the disposal to overheat and burn out. When you run the garbage disposal, you should only use cold water and never put hard objects like ice in there.

If you’d like to know more, call Total Comfort Inc. We provide garbage disposal repair services throughout Riverside.

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The Benefits of the Garbage Disposal Unit

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

What’s the point of grinding up scraps of food waste when you can just throw them in the trash? While the garbage disposal unit may seem like just another superfluous upgrade that you don’t really need, there are several major benefits to operating one in your kitchen. The average home produces a staggering amount of waste during the course of a year. Even if for the most conservation-minded homeowners, the garbage disposal offers you a way to avoid the various environmental risks that landfills create, and to add a bit of convenience to your kitchen sink.

The garbage disposal was designed to curb the incredible amounts of food-related waste that ends up rotting in landfills. It works by grinding up small food scraps so that they can be disposed of through the wastewater system that flows into your septic tank or municipal waste management system. They are not blenders, but rather use centrifugal force and a serrated grinding cylinder to mash up your food waste, although certain substances such as fibrous and starchy foods as well as coffee grounds and bones should not be sent down your disposal unit.

When food waste accumulates in a landfill, it begins to break down. Unlike plastic and other man-made substances, organic substances are biodegradable and they decompose over time. But the concentrated amount of waste in landfills can create problems for the composition of the soil beneath as well as the ground water aquifer beneath that. Composting is another way to cut down on food waste, but for those without the space or time necessary to do so properly, a garbage disposal is a great way to cut down on the amount of waste in your local landfill.

Residential trash does not compare to that of a restaurant or grocery store, but every little bit counts. You may also find that using your garbage disposal unit allows you to worry less about whether food bits are getting stuck within your drainpipes. It’s imperative that your garbage disposal unit is installed and serviced by a professional, and we can do just that.

Contact Total Comfort, Inc. for garbage disposal units and service in Corona.

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