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Why You Should Consider Installing a HALO Water Filter

DrainAs we’ve discussed before on this blog, a lot of towns and cities unfortunately do not keep their citizens’ drinking water as clean as they should. Even those areas that do have pretty good water filtration systems will never be able to completely get rid of all contaminants in the water supply. If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your plumbing system, and make sure that your exposure to harmful contaminants is minimal, then we recommend installing a HALO water filter.


There are a lot of different water filter types available on the market, each of which are suited to protecting against a different range of contaminants. So, why use a HALO? HALO filters are whole-house, maintenance-free water conditioning systems. All water that flows into your home’s plumbing system will flow through the water filter first. You don’t need to worry about getting clean water at your kitchen faucet, but not elsewhere in the home. You also don’t have to spend money on disposable filters or sodium to refill the filter. Once the HALO filter is in place, you can use your plumbing system just the same as you always do with added peace of mind.

HALO water filtration can protect you from common contaminants like lead, arsenic, chlorine, and all kinds of other particles that can harm you if you drink them. It can also soften the water, removing calcium and magnesium particles responsible for the growth of limescale in the pipes. That can save you a lot of money in the long run that would otherwise have to go to cleaning out affected sections, or even replacing limescale-compromised pipes. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s a great idea to install a HALO water filter in your home.

Trust Us to Handle Your HALO installation

HALO water filters, like all whole home water filters, require a bit of alteration to the water line in order to be successfully installed. That’s never the kind of thing you want someone to mess with other than a qualified professional. If you want a HALO water filter installed in your home, don’t trust just anyone to do it for you. Our professional technicians have years of experience installing and servicing water filtration systems. That’s why we highly recommend that you trust us with all of your water filtration installation needs.

We’ll make sure that your HALO water filtration system is installed quickly and safely, so that you can use your plumbing system with minimal interruption to your day. In as little time as possible, we can ensure that your home is protected from all kinds of contaminants that previously may have entered your plumbing system. So contact us today, and we’ll find the best HALO filter to meet your home’s specific needs.

Total Comfort, Inc. installs and services HALO water filters in Riverside, CA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers. We can help keep your water clear and clean.

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