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What a Garbage Disposal Can Do for Your Drains

When used correctly, a garbage disposal can keep your drains from clogging and having expensive problems. Even though they’re found in many home sinks, homeowners who don’t have them sometimes don’t know how important they can be for the lifespan of their drains. Without a garbage disposal, it’s vital to throw solid waste into the trash instead of letting it go into the drains and start a clog.

This can be a hassle and ultimately an annoyance for homeowners. Luckily, garbage disposal installations aren’t too expensive and can save you a ton of money in the long run when it comes to the quality and care of your drains. Installation is a service a good plumber in Burbank, CA can handle for you.

If you don’t believe us now, you will soon!

Avoiding Emergencies

It’s important to have as few plumbing problems in your home as you can get away with. Plumbing issues can often occur at the most inconvenient times, become a health hazard, and can be incredibly expensive to repair. That’s why any investment in a device that can reduce the amount of solid waste getting caught in your drains is much worth it.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

For any of those who are looking to get a garbage disposal unit but who don’t quite know how it works, here’s the lowdown. A garbage disposal unit gets rid of kitchen waste by using a pair of impellers to break up larger waste before it travels down into the sewers. It’s as simple as that!

Without these blades to break up larger bits of waste, they would enter into the sewer system on their own–or get caught in your pipe systems. Pipe leaks, burst pipes, and clogs can all be caused by waste getting stuck in your pipes before it makes it into the sewer system. This reduces the overall waste that gets deposited from your home via your trash, since the kitchen waste can be processed by the garbage disposal and dispersed through the sewer. Not only is this a convenient solution for reducing the amount of trash we send to the landfill, but it’s also a major convenience when cooking for a lot of people.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Just like any other appliance that constantly works in your home, garbage disposals need regular quality maintenance. If you notice a decline in the speed of the impellers or the inability to cut up certain materials, you might need garbage disposal repair or maintenance. A broken garbage disposal isn’t worth having if it’s not going to do its job. That’s why we offer garbage disposal repairs and replacements, since the function of this device is vital to many homes.

Garbage disposal repair, maintenance, or replacement is affordable and often quickly done when necessary. Don’t risk a clog in your plumbing system or make it difficult for yourself when you’re cleaning up from a dinner party. Get a new garbage disposal to help reduce the waste.

Looking for a new garbage disposal installation? Call Total Comfort, Inc. today!

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