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Plumbing Issues That Can and Can’t Wait


An immediate disclaimer: The definition for “emergency” is much looser in plumbing than it is for accidents and things you’d call into 911 for. In other words, if a plumbing problem has put you in a situation that is going to hinder your plans or make life difficult, we’re happy to consider that an emergency for your sake.

But if you’re willing to wait until normal business hours, then you can use our checklist here to see if your problem can wait or if it should be considered an emergency.

Can Wait…

Are you looking over your plumbing problem with a phone in one hand, a plunger in the other, and trying to figure out if this problem really warrants a need for repairs? You can stop and consider your options if it’s one of these issues:

Kitchen and bathroom clogs

As long as you’re not trying to use the clogged sink or appliance in the meantime, there’s no reason you can’t wait for service. If your sink is clogged one day before Thanksgiving or an equally important gathering, however, we’d recommend the emergency call.

Leaks that can be contained

If your toilet is leaking, that’s something you can temporarily solve by turning off the toilet’s water supply and refraining from using it. If you can turn off water to the leak without shutting off water for the entire home, then that’s a crisis averted.

Water heater repairs

If you’re willing to take a “military shower” for the night and don’t plan to use the kitchen sink, then you can get away with waiting on water heater repairs.

But make sure to turn off the water heater in this case. Running a damaged water heater will only make the damage worse.

Can’t Wait…

On the other hand, we have a short list of emergencies that you’d best call 24-hour plumbing repairs for.

Gas line problems

At the soonest sign of a gas line problem—such as the smell of rotten eggs or the sound of gas leaking—evacuate your home and call the proper authorities for further instruction. Don’t try to find the source of the leak or use any electronics inside the home, as even a slight spark can ignite the gas.

Gas leaks outdoors aren’t as dangerous because the gas disperses into the atmosphere. In the home, however, the buildup of natural gas can quickly become dangerous.

Big leaks

Any leak that fulfills these qualities should be treated as an emergency:

  • The main water valve must be shut off to stop it from spreading.
  • It has seeped into areas of the home that will incur water damage.
  • It has already been happening for some time and you just now realized it.

Main water line problems

A leak in your main water line could attract tree roots, eventually creating a clog. Alternatively, a leak or burst might cause you to shut off access to the line until it’s fixed.

Life will be difficult without any water coming into your home, but not impossible. Regardless, we don’t recommend waiting too long for an appointment on this one. Complications with the repairs could cause the problem to go on even longer than you’re prepared for, and that can really hinder your daily life.

Contact Total Comfort, Inc. today if you need emergency repairs!

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