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You May Need a New Thermostat If…

thermostatThe thermostat isn’t a device that needs annual maintenance or regular tune-ups. Sure, it may need to be dusted off or have its wiring tightened up, but for the most part, it kind of just does what it’s supposed to without much trouble.

So while it’s rare for thermostats to break down or stop functioning, it’s not uncommon for people to replace their thermostats entirely. Why is that? Mostly so they can get something better.

You might need a better one too, if…

Your Thermostat Cannot Be Programmed

This category includes a few different types of thermostats.

Slides, Dials, And No Display

No digital display and an imprecise method for setting the temperature is a recipe for wasted dollars. Proper thermostat control is all about being consistent and precise, and you just can’t have that precision with these kinds of thermostats. Most of the time, they leave out all the numbers between 70 and 80, so you can never actually tell where the temperature sits.

No Programmable Features

You also may have a digital thermostat, but with no functions other than temperature adjustment. While this is better than a slide or dial, you’ll still be missing out on programmability—an essential function if you want to keep your heating or cooling bill low.

You’ve Maxed Out Your Efficiency Tricks

With a programmable thermostat, you can automate your efficiency so that you barely have to watch your thermostat. At the most, you’ll have to adjust it for times that you decide to leave the house.

After that, your best efficiency improvements are going to come from keeping your HVAC system maintained and in good operation. But what about after that?

A smart thermostat can make all the micro-adjustments that just aren’t reasonable for any human to keep up with. Letting a smart thermostat do all the work for you will help keep you on track with your efficiency goals and can make good decisions for you when you’re not around to adjust it manually.

There are several brands of smart thermostats out there, each with their own unique blend of features. With the help of an expert in air conditioning services in Riverside, CA, you can find the ideal thermostat for your needs.

Repairs Aren’t Fixing Your AC’s Issues

If your air conditioner seems to be acting weird and you just can’t figure out what it is, consider that it could be the thermostat. After all, the thermostat is something like the “brain” of the air conditioner—the AC only acts based on input from the thermostat.

It’s possible that your thermostat could be reading the wrong temperatures, has a bad battery, or is simply too old. Replacing it might just be the solution.

Before replacing it, however, confirm that it isn’t due to one of these simple problems:

  • If a thermostat gets too dusty, it might not read temperatures correctly. Take off the front panel and wipe off any dust.
  • If your thermostat was installed in a spot that doesn’t accurately reflect the temperature of the home, you can’t expect it to operate correctly.
  • Programmable thermostats use a battery to memorize their programs. It won’t operate like it should if the battery is dead.

Contact Total Comfort, Inc. today for an estimate if you think a new thermostat can be the solution to your problems.

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