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Is Your Heater Ready for the Second Half of Winter?

furnace-inspectionMany homeowners get away without having any maintenance or repairs done on their heating systems. They make it all the way through the fall and the first two months of winter without having to call in for repairs.

Of course, those homeowners make up the exception, not the rule. Wouldn’t you rather do everything you can to have the cards stacked in your favor, rather than to play the odds and be the exception?

In this post, we’ll give some tips and advice on how to ensure that your heater keeps working all the way through into spring. You’ll see too that just because your heater hasn’t broken down doesn’t mean you aren’t doing harm in other areas.

Do What You Can

We don’t condone doing any of your own furnace or heat pump repairs, nor do we think you should be fiddling around with that equipment much at all. However, there are a few things you can look at just to make sure that your furnace or heat pump is running smoothly.

  • Air filter: The air filter needs to be replaced between every one and three months. Part way through winter is the perfect time to check on it. Take it out, see if it’s full of dust, and replace it if necessary. This will improve system efficiency and prevent any problems from occurring.
  • Heat exchanger: The heat exchanger can be found in the furnace; it’s what heats the air! A cracked heat exchanger is a serious indication that you need a new furnace. It’s especially urgent in gas furnaces, since they can create carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Pilot light flame: If the flame is burning any color but blue, then it’s time for an inspection. There are many causes for it, but what it essentially means is that the gas is not combusting efficiently.
  • Refrigerant leaks: For heat pump owners, they can take a look at the refrigerant lines to ensure they don’t see any signs of a leak, which can do serious damage to the heat pump. Listen for hissing and look for the presence of bubbles.

Evaluate Your Energy Usage

Now is a great time to look at your energy usage and make some assessments. Most heater problems don’t jump out at you—they can persist for days or weeks without any indication. The place they will show up, however, is in your heating bill.

Monitoring your heating expenses can be made easier with a smart thermostat, but you can also do it the old-fashioned way by comparing your heating bills from the last few months and from years prior.

If You Haven’t, Schedule Maintenance!

If you had your maintenance performed just before using your heater again, you should be in good shape. But if you manage to squeak by this far without it, we highly suggest you do that now. A simple maintenance check from a heating expert in Anaheim won’t just keep your efficiency high. If you own a gas furnace, maintenance is crucial for minimizing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires.

It’s not too late to have that maintenance done! Contact Total Comfort, Inc. today to schedule service.

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