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California Emissions Changes: What You Need to Know

As of October 1st, several counties across California will now have stricter emissions requirements for any furnace installed within a home. For example, the new NOx emission limit will be 14 nanograms/joule.

According to the Appliance Standard Awareness Project, these new 2019 FER standards will provide significant savings for consumers by cutting the electricity consumption of furnace fans by around 50 percent. However, this will also decrease the variety of products that contractors like us are allowed to sell. Certain manufacturers will be excluded from the market if they don’t meet these new standards. While this will save money as more efficient systems are sold, due to the initial increased testing and restrictions, your cost as a homeowner will be increasing as well.

We’d like to mention that the counties being impacted include Los Angeles County, Orange County, and many others across California. Take a look at the rule-book for yourself if you need more information on specific furnaces.

For all other questions about the new emissions changes, make sure to contact us at Total Comfort, Inc.

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