AC Repair in Rancho Cucamonga

Nowadays, many people want a device that can balance the home’s temperature throughout the year. A heat pump is a perfect candidate to satisfy this requirement. Contact a nearby HVAC contractor for heating replacement in Yorba Linda, CA with a brand new heat pump. Schedule regular heat pump tune-ups to make the unit efficient so that you can sit back and enjoy it. 

However, a heat pump can produce strange noises due to many reasons. If your heat pump is acting weird, get in touch with the best HVAC company to rule out the cause and fix the issue. Sometimes, when you ignore these small issues, they can turn into massive damage to the entire system. In such a situation, you need to invest in a heating replacement in Yorba Linda, CA.

Three most common reasons behind the production of loud noises by a heat pump

Given below are three reasons why your heat pump makes loud noises:

Defects in the outdoor unit

Your heat pump consists of a compressor or an outdoor unit. When you hear abnormally loud noises from your heat pump, inspect the outdoor unit. The common compressor heat pump malfunction can cause rattling, buzzing, or vibrating sounds. At the same time, defects in an electric heat pump can lead to the production of popping or buzzing sounds. 

A defective valve can also produce hissing or whooshing sounds. If any such noise is coming from the compressor, schedule immediate heating services in Yorba Linda. Ignoring such issues can result in the need for a high-cost repair or replacement. 

Damaged ductwork

The ductwork of your heat pump can be damaged with time. Any damage in the ductwork will cause popping or cracking noise. It will also cause dampening of the area. It will be an extremely uncomfortable situations for your family. 

In such a situation, schedule quick heating services in Yorba Linda to solve the problem as early as possible. Also, you should plan periodic HVAC services to avoid facing such irritating situations. 

Issues with indoor air handler

The indoor part of the unit can also produce loud noises while running. It could be due to a lacks of maintenance or aging of the heat pump. If your heat pump is new and still making abnormal sounds, the reason can be incorrect installation. 

Whenever you notice any abnormal sound, look for the site of origin. It can arise from a damaged fan, valve, belt, piston, rod, crankshaft, or thermostat. Leakage of the refrigerant can also cause buzzing or rattling sounds. Also, refrigerant leakage can cause harm to the health of your family. Therefore, if you notice these abnormal sounds from your heat pump, schedule an HVAC service without any delay. 

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